6 Month Check-up


Hooray! Biggs had his 6 month check-up at the vet today and now has the shots required to enroll in puppy class at PetSmart. We're totally going to get this chewing and potty thing under control. The vet isn't really concerned since Biggs is still a puppy, but he got all the vet techs in a tizzy with his handsomeness. He's a babe, just look at him!

I took all our shot records and signed him up for class that day. It's a really good deal, 8 classes for $110. I'm so excited, I put the dates on the calendar along with the kids activities. It's all so official now.


This is Gloria, the trainer at PetSmart. She's really good except for the part about calling us out in class because Biggs had on a harness. Wow, embarrassing, I had no idea it was a bad thing. Biggs got her back by being on his absolute very best behavior which isn't really that rare. It's when he's left unattended that you have to worry about him.

Gloria was impressed and even used him as an example for a command in front of the whole class. Meanwhile, in my head I was thinking to myself, please don't screw up, please don't screw up.... not now, please!!

Phew, he didn't. You know I sat up a little taller acting proud like it was all me that taught him to listen before we got there. Haaa, if only they read my blog!

Well we have some new tools in our pocket to try out and some new commands we got for homework in class today. It's your basic sit, stay, no command. Gloria uses "don't" instead of no, I don't know why, but it cracks me up telling a dog DON'T! I'm also going to read up on the harness and see what that was all about. Have you ever heard of anything like that? If so, let me know or any other dog training tips you might have in the comments below. Thanks.