Biggs the Wannabe Triathlete


My 8 month old boxer puppy, Biggs! Sure, he looks angelic and calm in his photo, but he has a very sneaky & devilish puppy side to him.

Today Biggs chewed my brand new pair of goggles... the package too! I'm currently training for a triathlon and my old goggles always fogged up something fierce. I took a poll on Facebook from my triathlete friends and turns out they like a different brand than what I bought, but the review on these assured me of no fogging.

Now, part of Biggs' behavior could be my fault...

I left my brand new goggles and training energy sports performance jelly beans out while I left the house for a couple of hours. Apparently Biggs ate the jelly beans {like if he needs more energy}, so it's no wonder he was all jumpy when I got home. After devouring the jelly beans, he crunched his way through the goggles.... they didn't have a change against a boxer puppy, especially a boxer puppy hopped up on performance jelly beans. Hmph!