Branding Your Wedding


Putting together a look and feel for a wedding is not very far from putting together the look and feel for a brand. Wedding branding is meant to evoke a feeling for the overall theme and is an important step in the early stages of planning. Along with design elements, a brand will encompass personality, this helps to keep a consistent theme going throughout the entire planning process from paper products to favors. Wedding branding is typically created by a professional graphic designer, however if you’re on a tight budget, it certainly can be accomplished by yourself.  



Branding your wedding in advance will allow you to use the information that you collect to make your entire wedding an event with one cohesive look. Using fonts, color schemes and textures will help tell the couples love story both visually and emotionally.


Every bride I have worked with starts with Pinterest to collect inspiration for their wedding day. And if they don’t, I will highly recommend it. I like to have the bride create a secret board and pin images that she feels will represent the couple well. Start by looking for color palettes and patterns that really speak to you and that will work well with your venue. Look for items such as dress styles, favors, flowers, tablescapes, colors and textures. Keep in mind the style you want represented for your wedding day… Traditional? Romantic? Intimate? or Rustic? Once you begin pinning, you should start to see some commonalities between your pins. Your inspiration board will help you narrow down your aesthetic and you can build your wedding style off of that to use for all your items.


Once you have narrowed your ideas down to a particular style, pull any colors and/or textures that you’ll want to incorporate into your wedding day. Ideally, you’ll want to choose 1 to 2 main colors with a couple additional accent colors, while keeping in mind the types of flowers, bridesmaid dresses and paper products you might want to use. The wedding stationery will be one of your strongest pieces that you will have to express your brand and this is a great way to set the tone for your guests.


Yes, many weddings these days do have their own logo! Both a logo and fonts are very important for your wedding brand and these are what will incorporate the overall tone for the day. There are many sites that sell pre-made logos and some might allow you to make slight edits to your purchase, this is a good route to take if you’re on a tight budget. Another option is to hire a professional graphic designer if you want to have a custom logo created to achieve your desired look. They will assist you in choosing the right complimentary fonts to use with your logo, once you have them picked, use them on everything related to the wedding to keep a cohesive look throughout. It’s all about the details!


Use your inspiration board when meeting with any of your wedding vendors, this will help everyone to see your vision for your wedding day.

I offer custom designs with branding services included to assist brides create a tailored look for their wedding day.

What do you think about branding your wedding? Let us know!