Caught in the Act


You know it can't be good when you're going on about your day and ..... its .... quiet. Very, very quiet. What the heck, where's Biggs? For a second I panicked as if a child went missing. Can we issue an Amber Alert, my new baby is missing!!


I swung the front door open and ran outside and looked up and down the street, no sign of the puppy. I ran upstairs and checked room by room, no puppy. Looked in his kennel that he doesn't use yet, nothing! My heart rate was a little elevated, most likely from the running up and down the stairs, not from the sheer panic. I'm not even sure why my first thought was to run out front really, Biggs can't open doors. The same with the stairs, he's barely tall enough to climb them.

Then it all came into focus at once, we have a backyard!! Not only do we have a backyard, I leave the slider open so Biggs can go to and fro freely. This is something new we started, he hasn't gone out by himself at this point. He usually only wonders around the same 3 areas in the house. His dog food/water, my office and his bed.

Not today. I got to the back deck and scanned the yard and there it was. A bag of potting soil in the middle of the grass, it was moving. I grabbed my camera because I could sense that the chronicles of this boxer were going to be epic.

BIGGS NO!! You can tell in pic (1) that he knows he did something wrong, because he won't make eye contact. (2) He's rubbing it in my face by letting me know it tasted pretty good by licking his chops. I mean, why wouldn't it? You're a dog and potting soil is basically cow poop. {sorry, TMI}. And then there's (3) No eye contact + a smug look on his face like "huh, that was pretty good of me".

A little while later, it ended with an adorable "I'm sorry" submissive pose, either that or an "oh no, my tummy really hurts" pose.

Puppy school, here we come.