Getting Settled In


It's been about six weeks since we added our new addition to the family with Biggs. He's a purebred fawn boxer registered with the AKC and we rescued him from our local pet store. What? Those dogs need to experience a loving family life too. Besides, I was ganged up on by my daughter, son and the sales guy in the pet store. I specifically told him NOT to take the boxer out of the cage for me to hold. He did. My heart melted. We added a boxer to our family.

We took a poll on Facebook for the name and Biggs won. He's named after Biggy Smalls {the rapper}. He seems to be adjusting to the Hesse style of living quite well. He plays. He sleeps and does it all over again. It's been a while since we had a family pet besides a cat or an iguana. I didn't do any research on the breed until after we brought him home. Yikes. Thank goodness they are loving family dogs. I'm a little worried about the high-energy part. It should be ok since I run a lot {I hope}. 


We want to crate train him, but we need to wait a little bit, he's too small for his giant crate. So for now, we use a dog bed. As yo can see, he likes it just fine. My favorite is him circling up about 20 times before he'll lay down. Then get right back up and do it again. It's so precious.

We spoiled him with a gajillion toys and he's super playful, but so far, he likes a plane ol' rope the best. He definitely brings spunk and a lot of joy to my kids and I. Especially in our season of life right now.


After playing with his brother, he crashes in his bed, fighting back his tiredness. I love love love the puppy stage, it's like having a newborn in the house again!! Mmm. I can just squeeze him!!!