Graduation Day


Our time in Puppy Class is done. I'll miss how Biggs would walk in the store like he needed a theme song playing in the background. How excited he was to go someplace in the car, but how bored he was in class. I think PetSmart has a really good program for puppies and would recommend it for the basics. We decided not to sign right back up for the next class. Although Biggs does super great in class, I'm pretty sure he forgets everything once we cross the threshold at home. I'm going to keep working on him more with the basic commands on my own before we sign up again. The car rides and socialization he's great at. I'm thankful that it was recommended to us to socialize Biggs early on, it really helps.

Gloria really likes using Bigga for her examples in class. I don't think she realizes that he will do anything for a food reward. He's very treat motivated.


On our last training day today, the whole class walked around the store and practiced our commands so the other dogs and handlers were distractions. That was the point, to see how well they can follow their instructions while being distracted. Biggs needs major work on "come" and "heal", otherwise he has the basics down pretty good.


We got a little bored with walking around and around the store, so we had an impromptu photoshoot.


Only six dogs in the class at a time, here's Biggs' class getting ready to graduate. Biggs and the black Lab were the honor students. Clearly. =]


Biggs and Gloria posing for the last day ceremonies. BFF's.


YAY! Biggs graduated puppy training. As you can see, he's over it and ready to get out of here.