Neighborhood Watch

I see you there sir, I have my eye on you.

I see you there sir, I have my eye on you.

Hahaha, Finally! Biggs is tall enough to look over the balcony to see what's going on, on the other side. For the longest time he would hear noises out front, run upstairs, go through the screen on the screen door {he made his own doggie door by plowing through it for us} only to find that he wasn't tall enough to see over yet. {Whomp. Whomp.} But today was the day!! He did it!! Biggs looks so fierce and so proud up there.

I'm sure all the gardeners, pool guys, mail man, delivery truck people just love it! Although Biggs isn't much of a barker, {thank goodness} unless if something really out of the ordinary is going on.

Whenever we leave the house without him, he'll run up to the balcony and look over as if to say.... "farewell family, you forgot to take me". He greets us home the same way, but with a lot more enthusiasm and snorting because of his excitement. Awe, so sweet! We love you Biggs!