Branding Your Wedding

Putting together a look and feel for a wedding is not very far from putting together the look and feel for a brand. Wedding branding is meant to evoke a feeling for the overall theme and is an important step in the early stages of planning. Along with design elements, a brand will encompass personality, this helps to keep a consistent theme going throughout the entire planning process from paper products to favors. Wedding branding is typically created by a professional graphic designer, however if you’re on a tight budget, it certainly can be accomplished by yourself.

5 Easy Tips to Build Your Brand While Not Quitting Your Day Job

5 Easy Tips to Build Your Brand While Not Quitting Your Day Job

There seems to be a cultural shift with the big box stores all having similar items for sale made from over seas to a new trend of using creative makers from across our good ol’ US of A getting in on a piece of the action. More and more avenues are opening up to the independent designer, this is great news as a whole, but success doesn’t happen over night for most brands. Some of us still rely on making a living the old fashioned way with a full time or close to full time job and moonlighting as our brand’s designer, marketer, blogger and so on.

There is a strategy to building your brand successfully while juggling the most demanding of jobs as long as there is plenty of room for organization, discipline and determination. Every decision you make is fundamental to building your brand and taking it to the next level. Here are 5 easy steps you can follow