No More Firewood

Man, the life of this boxer!! I came home today to Biggs chewing on the firewood! Are you serious? What could possibly be the attraction to a log with a lot of slivers in it? Wouldn't you like to chew on the actual chew toys we bought you? Anyway, it's kind of cute, but I hope this puppy phase of chewing ends soon. =]


Biggs Likes to Chew

Nothing is off limits to this dog!
Nobody in the family is safe.
You really can't leave anything lying around the house in fear that Biggs might get to it.

We should have named him JAWS! Biggs has to be getting up on the counters or my desk to be getting this stuff, I didn't think he was that tall yet. Notice I didn't say smart? I have to admit, he's pretty stealth about his movements. It's funny how I can't catch him in the act of actually swiping something, but I can catch him while he's chewing it. It's almost as if he's chewing it in front of me to say "ha ha, look what I can do", that little bugger!!! I love him so.


Biggs the Wannabe Triathlete

Biggs the Wannabe Triathlete

Today Biggs chewed my brand new pair of goggles... the package too! I'm currently training for a triathlon and my old goggles always fogged up something fierce. I took a poll on Facebook from my triathlete friends and turns out they like a different brand than what I bought, but the review on these assured me of no fogging.

That Little....!!!

I guess this is my new life, {I forgot} having to keep my closet door shut. In this case, I can't just take my running shoes off right when I get home and leave them by the front door anymore or else this will happen. I see puppy classes in our near future. Biggs just needs to finish up on his puppy shots so he can get in. Any tips or tricks to keep a dog from chewing up shoes, besides the obvious?