Telephone Print {how to}

Decal Print {How To} // digital-couture

April was the Women's Getaway Weekend for my church and the theme this year was Called to Love. I created the artwork for the gallery wall that was full of love scriptures and quotes. Some lucky attendees were awarded a print by a sticker being randomly placed under their chairs. Although I couldn't hang the artwork on the wall at the hotel how I wanted, we made due and they still looked cute. One of my favorite prints was the one I made with supplies that I had lying around my office. It's super simple and you can switch out any of the materials to whatever you have on hand.


SUPPLIES :: Decal {any graphic of your choice will work}, a piece of cardstock, burnisher, frame, Washi Tape and scissors. Here is a link to the FREE telephone decal graphic.

TIP :: I found some fantastic gold sparkly Washi Tape at Big Lots.

STEP 1 :: Depending on the width of your Washi Tape, measure out lines on your cardstock where you will place the tape. This is so you'll have a somewhat even amount of white space between the tape. {I usually eyeball everything}. Next, place a strip of tape across the cardstock on top of the line you drew so it won't show. Repeat all the way down the cardstock.

STEP 2 :: Cut off the overlap of Washi Tape.

STEP 3 :: Should look like so {above}.

STEP 4 :: Peel back your decal from the protective backing.

NOTE :: If you don't have a decal cutter, you can use a Cricket or Silhouette to cut a cute graphic.

STEP 5 :: Hover over your cardstock with the decal and align where you want to place it.

STEP 6 :: Apply to cardstock and use your burnisher to rub down your decal.

STEP 7 :: Peel back the protective backing away from the vinyl decal. Go slowly, but if any of the vinyl peels up, push back down the backing and try again.

This is what the final piece will look like. Trim entire piece if necessary to fit in your frame and viola!