What is a Brand Rep on Instagram?


A Brand Rep {short for Brand Representative} is someone who represents a brand on Instagram or other specified social media. Usually it's an upcoming brand or a small to mid-sized store that will choose either an Interior Designer, Stylist or Staging Professional based on their particular style of photography and the look the brand wants to promote.

I bet you've been wondering how brands get such a variety of perfectly styled images for their Instagram feed. Most likely they're using a Brand Rep or a few for that matter. To put it in Layman's Terms, a Brand Representative or AKA Brand Ambassador is someone with excellent styling skills, has a decent size following, and has an eye for the perfect photo opportunity that can help you promote your products via social media. As a result, you'll brand will grow socially as well.

Take a look at these 5 simple ways to successfully make Brand Reps work for you.

1 |  Select a Brand Rep who you feel has a passion for your product.

There are various ways to go about searching for a Brand Rep. Often times, a small business will approach a repeat customer directly while others will host a search for entrants via social media. Whatever route you choose, it's extremely important to select someone who you think will authentically support your product.

A few steps you'll want to take before you approach any perspective reps is to visit their social media feeds. Not just one, but several to get a feel for their online voice and how they conduct themselves. You don't want to take on someone who has your competitor's product in their feed, or no personality and just wants free product.

2 |  Select a Brand Rep who can take high quality images.

You'll want to look for a Brand Rep who understands the importance of product photography and who's styling fits with your brand aesthetic. We all know that crisp, styled photos will boost the engagement in your feed and higher engagement leads to brand excitement (and sales).

3 |  Pay close attention to a perspective Brand Rep's audience.

When selecting a Brand Rep, you'll want them to be a bit of an online influencer. Look to see if their feed is popular by the interaction in the comments of previous posts. Having a large number of followers isn't necessarily equivalent to a better Band Rep. It can be very tempting to choose someone with a high number of followers alone, however, keep in mind that it's easy to buy ghost followers to look popular. You want a genuine rep who will support you and your brand, not just online, but in "real life" as well. If they love your product they'll want to tell their friends and family about it, and most importantly, they'll want to post about it.

4 |  Be clear about the terms of using a Brand Rep.

Most small businesses are just looking for great photography, but using a Brand Rep can be so much more than them trading good photos for your product. In many ways they can help grow your brand using different methods, so make it clear what you expect them to do for you.

  • You can have them test your products and write a review.
  • Do you expect a set number of photos per week to be posted in their feed?
  • Determine if you want them to search Hashtags and make comments about your brand.
  • Decide if they will be promoting new release products.

Before you start working with any Brand Reps, write up a simple contract that lays out the Terms and Conditions, including your expectations as well as the predetermined length of time for the role.

5 |  Last but not least, the reward.

Your new Brand Rep(s) will be doing a lot of work for you to enhance your brand, be sure that you reward them appropriately. You should be providing them with free product to style and photograph. This should be clear in the contract as to how much product they will receive during their term as your Brand Rep so their isn't any misunderstanding later on. You may want to offer them a discount code when shopping for additional items from your shop and/or a Friends & Family discount code. Be sure to share the love for your Brand Rep(s) as well on social media, it can be a win, win for everybody.

Enlisting a Brand Rep can be an easy way to bring your business to the next level.

Over to you – have you used a Brand Rep for your product?