Creating fresh designs + stylish gift products.


Meet Rhonda, a professional graphic designer
behind the brand digital-couture.


digital-couture is a boutique brand where I create couture design + stylish gift products, it quickly became a place for my imagination to roam freely without boundaries. Where I could break design rules, overlap fonts, mix stripes with dot patterns or add a fold where no fold has been before. Here is where my love of design, cheeky style and whimsical illustrations reign. This is truly where outside-the-box thinking lives and to showcase my passion to deliver a unique piece of art while allowing your personal style to shine through. As a professional graphic designer and design studio, I have a passion to create beautiful things.


Patrick and Courtney Montes

May 12, 2018

Watch the story of Courtney and Patrick unfold from the engagement to the last dance at their wedding reception
at the Bougainvillea Estate in Palm Springs, California.

Glam + Fam

Get a behind the scenes look of the glam squad, venue prep, the families and meet the bride tribe and the groomsmen.


Sit with us and watch the ceremony.


So much love was poured into this big day, so now... let's celebrate with a toast & some dancing while DJ Carisma mixes the beats!!


Here's a peek into the engagement shoot in Palm Springs that sets the vibe for the whole wedding.

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