Social Butterfly


I want to have one of those dogs that is super well behaved and goes everywhere with its owner. You know the kind, the ones that everybody else has, but you. I've been reading up a lot on that and according to The Google Machine, you need to socialize, socialize, socialize. I can do that, but at the same time, I want to be careful since Biggs hasn't had all of his immunizations yet.

I decided to take him with me to Home Depot. In order to make sure he understood he had a place to sit in my car, I thought it would be good to bring his bed along. He did pretty good and stayed put in the car. This training is going so well.

Since I'm a newbie dog mom, I wasn't aware of all the pet friendly stores there are, Home Depot is one of them. I found out after I was done shopping. Anyway, I put Biggs in the cart and his tiny little paws looked so uncomfortable squeezing through the holes in the basket. No problem, I have his bed in the car. I squished it down in the basket and then put Biggs in. Everything went well and I was a beaming mama when people would stop me to tell me how adorable he is. What do you say to that anyway, thanks? It's not like I made him or anything. I want to be polite and not rude, but I did pick him out so I guess thanks?

Now that I see Biggs in the photo with the bed, he just looks like a spoiled baby.

What other stores and restaurants in Orange County are pet friendly?